A Guide To Reading Palm Lines

So you are interested in learning how to read palms, but perhaps you are unsure of exactly where to start. Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will help you to learn the basics when it comes to reading palms.
palm reading

Pick a Hand

When reading palms for an individual, select one of their hands. But don’t pick at random! Each hand represents a different part of the individual’s life. If you want a look into the person’s work life, as well as how they present themselves to the world, choose their dominant hand. The hand that is not dominant will give you insight into dreams, struggles with emotion, and personal relationships.

If you are having trouble reading the lines on your own hand or another individual’s hand, bring the palm under a bright lamp. This will greatly aid you. Also, keep in mind that if a line is less prominent, this is an area of the individual’s life that may need some work. A deeper and more prominent line represents an area of life that is well developed.

The Head Line

The first line of the palm we will discuss is the line known as the head line. Examine your palm. You will see three main lines. The head line is the line that appears directly in the middle. If the head line is short, the individual is a quick thinker, reaching conclusions in no time at all. If the line is long and straight, the person analyzes situations for some time before making a decision. Is the head line one that splits in two? Then the individual has an easy time making decisions with the help of other perspectives. And a long line that curves downward indicates a creative thinker who can think of a solution to nearly any problem.

The Top Line

Now examine the top line. This is called the heart line. If the line is long and straight, ending at the base of the index/pointer finger, you are analytical and good at considering the feelings of others. If the heart line is short yet straight, you show your love for someone through actions more than with words. A long, curved line, which ends at the base of the middle finger, indicates a person who is passionate and not afraid who knows it. A short curved heart line? You prefer small groups and flourish in settings that are one-on-one.

The Life Line

The last line is the life line. It is the line that is lowest of the three. Is the line long, curving around the thumb and ending in the center of the palm? You are a person whom others see as a rock during tough times. If your life line is short, then you prefer to keep busy during hard times in order to stay afloat.

Now that you know the basics when it comes to palm reading, you should give yourself a reading and then offer to read the palms of your friends. Practice will make your readings become perfect, and you will provide lots of fun at gatherings!

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